After each walk we develop a documentation in collaboration with the artists and theoreticians. This is in fact an important element of the project and constitutes its own exhibition format. The idea behind it is not only to create an archive but also to allow someone to print out the documentation and conduct the walk individually. Instead of a conventional visit to a museum or gallery people are invited to walk through the public space as exhibition space. The documentation might differ a bit from the actual walk, either to adapt it to the different circumstances of someone walking alone or to support its message.

kunstpassanten introduces itself!
Guest: Daniel Knorr (CUDESCH D’ARTIST – Walk from a garbage point of view as a contribution to a book)

Walk no. 1
San Keller (EGAL)

Walk no. 2
Laura Kalauz und Diana Rojas (ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE DAWN)

Walk no. 3
Knowbotic Research (MACGHILLIE)

Walk no. 4
Marina Belobrovaja (GEMÜSEBAU)

Walk no. 5
Kunsthaus Aussersihl (KUNSTRUNDGANG KREIS 4)

Walk no. 6

Walk no. 7
Stefan Wagner with Georg Keller (SUNDAYAFTERNOONACTIVITIES)

Walk no. 8
Karin Frei Bernasconi with Victorine Müller (ONCE UPON A SPACE)

Walk in Brussels
Adrien Tirtiaux (LE DOMAINE DES DIEUX)

Walk no. 9
!Mediengruppe Bitnik (LOOKING OUT FOR YOU – Instruction for a Dérive)

Walk no. 10
Christian Ratti with Simon Gaus (MANHOLE COVERS – Industrial Culture and Protection of Amphibians)

kunstpassanten at the 30th birthday of the Rote Fabrik Zürich
Christian Ratti and Knowbotic Research